Snacks & Chaat

Biscuits & Cookies Noodle, Pasta, Vermicelli Breakfast Cereals Snacks & Namkeen Chocolates & Candies Ready To Cook & Eat Spreads, Sauces, Ketchup Indian Sweets Rice, Pasta & Pulses Dry Rice Pasta Noodles Biscuits Crisps, Snacks & Nuts Chocolate & Sweets Chocolate Sweets Cooking Ingredients Oils Vinegars Salt Pepper Chopped Ingredients Spices Breadcrumbs & Stuffings Stuffings Stocks & Gravies Sundried Tomatoes & Cooking Ingredients Extra Virgin Olive Oil Olive Oil Sunflower, Vegetable & Corn Oils Seed & Nut Oils Chilli & Infused Oils Balsamic Vinegar Wine & Rice Vinegars Malt Vinegar Cooking & Table Salts Rock & Sea Salts Ground Pepper Peppercorns Condiments & Dressings Mayonnaise Tomato Ketchup BBQ Sauce & Marinades Brown Sauces Mustard Table Sauces Chilli & Hot Sauces Chutneys, Pickle & Relishes Salad Dressings & Vinaigrettes Olives, Gherkins & Antipasti Olives, Capers & Tapenades Artichokes, Mushrooms & Antipasti Gherkins & Pickled Foods Pickled Beetroot, Cabbage & Peppers Black Olives Green Olives Pitted Olives Capers Tapenades Gherkins Pickled Onions Pickled Eggs, Fruit & Nuts Original Mayonnaise Light Mayonnaise Flavoured Mayonnaise French & Dijon Mustard Wholegrain Mustard English Mustard Horseradish Sauce Fish & Seafood Sauces Mint Sauce Worcester Sauce Cranberry & Redcurrant Sauces Apple & Sweet Sauces Hollandaise & Bearnaise Sauces Chilli Sauces Hot Sauces Chutneys Pickle Relishes Mango & Fruit Chutneys Onion & Vegetable Chutneys Salad Cream Vinaigrettes & Thin Dressings French & Italian Dressings Caesar & Thick Dressings Cooking Sauces & Kits Pasta Sauces Casserole & Tagine Sauces Curry Sauces & Pastes Coconut Milk & Cream Stir Fry, Thai & Chinese Mexican & Caribbean Packet Sauces Meal Kits Pesto Bolognese Sauces Pasta Bake & Lasagne Sauces Tomato Sauces White & Cheese Sauces Stir In Sauces Curry Sauces Curry Pastes Soy, Oyster & Flavouring Sauces Stir Fry Sauces Thai Pastes & Sugars Green Pesto Red Pesto Meal Kits Mexican Sauces, Sides & Rice Seasonings & Rubs Recipe Mixes Mexican Indian Pizza Bases Dried Herbs Cardamom Chilli Powder & Dried Chillies Cinnamon Cloves Cumin Curry Powder & Leaves Garam Masala Kaffir Lime Leaves Mace Nutmeg Paprika Saffron Seeds Star Anise Turmeric Stocks Gravy Chicken Stock Vegetable Stock Beef Stock Lamb Stock Fish Stock Granules & Powder Chicken Gravy Meat Gravy Onion Gravy Artichokes Capers Chestnuts Dried Mushrooms Tahini Paste Truffles Sundried Tomatoes Indian Curries Sauce Mixes Sumac Juniper Berries Harissa Hot Dog Mustard Breakfast Cereals Jam, Spreads & Desserts Jam Marmalade Honey Nut Butters Chocolate & Sweet Spreads Yeast Extracts Syrup & Treacle Lemon & Fruit Curds Fruit Compotes Strawberry Raspberry Apricot & Peach Blackcurrant & Berry Fruity Reduced Sugar Orange Marmalades Lemon, Lime & Citrus Marmalades Runny Honey Set Honey Manuka Honey Crunchy Peanut Butter Smooth Peanut Butter Squeezy Bottles Jars Spaghetti Linguine Lasagne Sheets Farfalle & Shells Orzo & Soup Pasta Gnocchi Kids' Pasta Shapes Wholewheat Pasta Gluten Free Pasta Basmati Long Grain Wholegrain, Brown & Wild Microwave Rice Risotto Oriental & Sushi Pudding Pulses Cous Cous Dried Cous Cous Microwaveable Cous Cous Quinoa, Polenta & Grains Dry Beans Dry Noodles Wet Noodles Pot & Packet Noodles Heat to Eat Cooked Rice Pasta Cous Cous Noodles Baked Beans, Spaghetti & Pasta Baked Beans Spaghetti Pasta Shapes Tomato Soup Chicken Soup Minestrone Soup Cans Packets Mushroom Soup Meat Soup Fish Soup & Bouillabaisse Oxtail Soup Miso Soup Cup & Packet Soup Lighter Options Croutons Tinned Tomatoes Tomato Puree Passata Sweetcorn Carrots Peas Mixed Vegetables Potatoes & Mash Beans & Chickpeas Lentils Asparagus Mushrooms Beans & Pulses Lentils Beans Chickpeas Tuna Multipacks Single Cans Sardines & Pilchards Anchovies Mackerel & Kippers Salmon Seafood Pastes & Spreads Corned Beef Hot Dogs Pate & Spreads Pineapple & Citrus Peaches & Apricots Berries & Cherries Prunes Fruit Cocktail Exotic Fruit Long Life Ready Meals Multipacks Funsize Packs Luxury Bars Milk Chocolate Dark Chocolate White Chocolate Everyday Bars Milk Chocolate Dark Chocolate White Chocolate Small Individual Bars Sharing Pouches Boxes & Gifts Jelly & Chewy Sweets Liquorice, Laces & Lollipops Boiled & Hard Sweets Marshmallows Toffee, Fudge & Nougat Funsize & Multipacks Boxes & Gifts Mints & Gum Mints Mint Flavoured Sweets Chewing Gum Crisps & Popcorn Multipack Crisps Single Flavour Assorted Flavours Low Fat Crisps for Sharing Big Bags Hand Cooked Tortilla Chips Snacks Dips Vegetable Crisps Lunch Box Snacks Popcorn Savoury Popcorn Sweet Popcorn Corn Kernels Nuts & Seeds Mixed Nuts Mixed Fruit & Nut Nuts Peanuts Roasted Salted Unsalted Cashews Pistachios Almonds, Macadamia & Brazil Nuts Walnuts, Hazelnuts & Pecans Pine Nuts Dates Seeds Breadsticks Pretzels Jelly Beans & Babies Wine Gums Eggs Fruit Nuts Vegetable Soup Packets Cans Potatoes Mash Beans Chickpeas Pate Spreads Pineapple Citrus Peaches Apricots Berries Cherries Pears Wholegrain Brown Wild Oriental Rice Sushi Rice Quinoa Polenta Grains Pot Noodles Packet Noodles Pasta Bake Sauces Lasagne Sauces Tagine Sauces Casserole Sauces Chinese Curries Thai Curries Soy Sauces Oyster Sauce Oriental Flavoured Sauces Thai Pastes Thai Sugars Sardines Pilchards Cod & Herring Cod Mackerel Kippers Sauces Sides Cooking Fat Duck Fat Goose Fat BBQ Sauce Marinades Tartare Seafood Sauces Apple Sauces Sweet Sauces Hollandaise Bearnaise Mango Chutney Fruit Chutney Onion Chutney Vegetable Chutney Caesar Dressings Thick Dressings Vinaigrette Dressings Lemon Marmalade Lime Marmalade Citrus Marmalade Chocolate Spread Sweet Spread Apricot Peach Blackcurrant Berry Redcurrant Jelly Cranberry Sauce Jelly Beans Jelly Babies Liquorice Laces Lollipops Hard Sweets Boiled Sweets Toffee Fudge Nougat Sugar & Home Baking Baking Powder & Raising Agents Dried Fruit & Peel Nuts & Seeds Essences, Juices & Flavourings Condensed Milk Meringues & Pastry Cases Custard Jelly & Setting Agents Batter & Suet Baking Powder Bicarbonate of Soda Yeast Cornflour & Thickening Agents Bread Flour Bread Mix Mixes Cake Icing & Frosting Cake Toppings Colourings Sultanas & Raisins Dried Fruit Peel Glacé Cherries & Crystallised Ginger Walnuts Pecan Nuts Hazelnuts Pine Nuts Almonds Pistachios Macadamia Nuts Brazil Nuts Cashew Nuts Sunflower Seeds Poppy Seeds Pumpkin Seeds Vanilla Pods & Essences Flavoured Essences Citrus Juices Meringues Powdered Ready Made Cubes & Crystals Setting Agents Batter Suet Sultanas Raisins Glacé Cherries Crystallised Ginger Vanilla Pods Vanilla Essences Pastry Cases Trifle Sponges Cubes Crystals Plain White Self Raising Pasta Flour & Matzo Meal Wholemeal Granulated Sugar Icing Sugar Preserve Sugar Sugar Cubes Sweeteners Natural Sweeteners Desserts & Toppings Rice Pudding Sponge Pudding Ice Cream Cones, Sauce & Toppings Jelly & Fruit Pots Instant Mixes Condensed Milk Bases & Meringues Ready Made Custard Powdered Custard Jelly Pots Fruit Pots Ice Cream Cones Ice Cream Toppings Ice Cream Sauces Ready to Freeze Ice Lollies Treacle Syrup Meringues Cornflour Thickening Agents Pasta Flour Matzo Meal Muffin, Cookie & Brownie Mixes Cake Mixes Cereal Bars Breakfast Biscuits & Bars Breakfast Biscuits Breakfast Bars Chocolate Cereal Bars Fruit Cereal Bars Fruit Cereal Bars - Multipacks Fruit Cereal Bars - Single Bars Nut & Syrup Cereal Bars Yogurt & Marshmallow Bars Sunflower Oil Vegetable Oil Corn Oil Seed Oil Nut Oil Chilli Oil Infused Oils Wine Vinegars Rice Wine Vinegars Hazelnuts Walnuts Pecans Almonds Macadamia Nuts Brazil Nuts Peppers Beetroot Cabbage Vegetable Gravy Syrup Treacle Artichokes Mushrooms Jalapeno Peppers Antipasti Dijon Mustard Almond Butter Cashew Butter Japanese Ginger Powder Sesame Seeds Caribbean Brands We Love Cooking Chocolate Garofalo Linseed & Hemp Seeds Mustard Sauce Mulling Spice Spice Mixes Italian Caribbean Sauces & Rice Free From Rice & Corn Cakes Corn Cakes Rice Cakes Breadsticks & Pretzels Mint Chocolates Everyday Boxed Chocolates Chocolate Truffles Large Gift Boxes Small Gift Boxes Tofu Lentils Ready to Eat Dry Lentils Pulses Toddler Snacks Basil Bay Leaf Bouquet Garni Chervil Chives Coriander Dill Marjoram Mint Mixed Herbs Oregano Parsley Rosemary Sage Tarragon Thyme Curry Mixes Pork Fat Oil Sprays Granola & Muesli Porridge & Oats Cereal Pots Porridge Pots Breakfast On The Go Cereal Snack Bars Gluten Free Salad Cream Sugar & Syrups Bread Flour & Mixes Flour Almonds, Hazelnuts & Pistachios Walnuts, Pecan & Cashews Brazil & Macadamia Nuts Breadcrumbs Middle Eastern Gluten Free Coconut Milk Coconut Cream Everyday Decaffeinated English Breakfast Earl Grey Assam Darjeeling Lady Grey Ceylon Blends Black Fruit Peppermint Camomile Herbal Lemon Fruit & Herbal Flavoured Pure Jasmine Green Rooibos White Detox & Cleanse Sleep Aids Energy Boosters Immune Defence Digestion For Women Detox & Benefit Blends Chai Black Green White Fruit & Herbal Rooibos Loose Leaf Instant Selection Packs Tea Jars Single Sachets Hot Chocolate Malted Drinks Milkshake Powder Cocoa Powder Hot Chocolate & Malts Tea, Coffee & Hot Drinks Dry Noodles Wet Noodles Noodles & Rice Long Pasta Short Pasta Whole Wheat Pasta Gluten Free Pasta Organic Pasta Cherry Hazelnut Butter Bestsellers Machine Pods Low Calorie Sugar Lighter Options Lighter Options Lighter Options Lighter Options Lighter Sauces Lighter Options Crackers Oatcakes Rice Cakes Crispbreads Flatbreads Crispbreads & Flatbreads Breadsticks Savoury Twists Pretzels Breadsticks & Nibbles Nibbles & Bites Assortments Free From Crackers & Crispbreads Assortments & Tins Everyday Premium Chocolate Fingers Jaffa Cakes Tea Cakes Chocolate Biscuits Chocolate Biscuit Bars Everyday Biscuits Cookies Kids Biscuits Shortbread International Biscuits Breakfast Biscuits Low Calorie Corn Cakes Rice & Corn Cakes Lighter Options Filled Pasta Breakfast Drinks Plain Rice & Grain Mix Flavoured Indian Oriental Mexican Plain Rice & Grain Mix Flavoured Indian Oriental Mexican Sweet & Salty Popcorn Small Bags Sharing Bags Fruit Gums & Pastilles Biscuits for Cheese Cocoa & Cacao Essential Ingredients Icing & Decorating Mixes & Kits Chocolate, Fruit & Nuts Spreads & Preserves Wholesome Baking Bakeware & Accessories Home Baking Utensils Decorating Moulds & Cutters Kids Baking Chocolate Fruits Nuts Plain Chocolate Flavoured Variety Pack Children's Cereal Wheat Biscuits Malted Wheats Mini & Bitesize Wheats Cornflakes Honey Nut Cornflakes Multigrain Hoops Multigrain Shapes Rice Pops Family Cereal Bran & Fibre Diet Grains Protein Low Sugar Lighter Cereal Sauces for Fish Macadamia Butter Hazelnut, Pecan & Macadamia Butter Wine Spirits Wine & Spirits Biscuits Snacks Confectionery Honey Preserves Store Cupboard Condiments Olives Hot Drinks Harvey Nichols Coconut Milk Coconut Cream Coconut Milk & Cream Olives The Garlic Farm Shop Condiments Soups Baked Beans Pasta Baked Beans & Pasta Low Salt Low Sugar Low Salt & Sugar For Little Ones Heinz Shop Mayonnaise Condiments Mayonnaise & Condiments Relishes Sauces Relishes & Sauces Oils Dressings Oils & Dressings Garlic Cloves Garlic Puree Garlic Salt Garlic Cloves, Puree & Salt Snacks Drinks & Snacks Crackling Scratchings Crackling & Scratchings Meat Snacks Small Chocolate Bars Drinks Gifts Hotel Chocolat Mixed Nuts Apple Cider Vinegars Rye Cakes Rye Cakes Crisp & Clusters Granola Muesli Loose Instant Sachets Instant Pots Traditional Fruit Chocolate Granola Bars Nut Cereal Chocolate Treat Bars Breakfast Biscuits Breakfast Bars Breakfast Biscuits & Bars Fruit Chocolate Low Calorie Bars Energy Protein Energy & Protein Bars Muesli Bars Traditional Fruit Chocolate Granola Bars Nut Cereal Chocolate Treat Bars Breakfast Biscuits Breakfast Bars Breakfast Biscuits & Bars Fruit Chocolate Low Calorie Bars Energy Protein Energy & Protein Bars Muesli Bars Cereal Snack Bars Linseed Hemp Seeds Chia Seeds Fruit Snacks Dried Fruit Snacks Kids Fruit Snacks Protein Snacks Energy Snacks Protein & Energy Snacks Spice Kits Cake Decorating Cooking Chocolate & Cacao Fillings Spreads Fillings & Spreads Cases Candles Candles, Cases & Accessories Other Flavours Accessories Baking Tins & Trays Round Cake Baking Tins Square Rectangular Pizza Trays Flan Cases Cupcake, Muffin, Yorkshire Trays Loaf Tins Sets Oven-to-table Mixers & Mixing Bowls Mixers Mixing Bowls Weighing, Measuring, Timing Scales Timers Measuring Measuring Jug Cookie Cutters Jelly, Chocolate & Ice Cream Moulds Cake Stands & Biscuit Tins Baking Storage Cake Stands Accessories Sieves Rolling Pins Cooling Pastry Brush Palette Knife Whisks Accessories Muffin & Cupcake Cases Candles Toppers Icing Freeze Dried & Granules Microground Decaffeinated Frothy Coffee Instant All Coffee Makers Filter & Cafetiere Espresso Decaffeinated One Cup Filters & Bags Ground Beans Decaffeinated Coffee Beans Nespresso Compatible Dolce Gusto Dolce Gusto Compatible Tassimo Compatible Lavazza Compatible Iperespresso Compatible For Espresso Machines Coffee Capsules & Pods Instant Ground Coffee Beans Capsules & Pods Decaffeinated Frothy Coffee Coffee Filters Coffee Syrups Whiteners Cafetiere Milk Frother Coffee Makers Coffee Crisp & Clusters Garlic Piccalilli Whipped Pots Chorizo & Salami Chorizo Salami Luxury Biscuits Savoury Popcorn Sweet Popcorn Sweet & Salty Popcorn Ghee Godiva Masterpieces Tablets Assortment Ruby Chocolate Waffle Mixes Biltong & Jerky Family Kids Healthier Granola & Muesli Snacks & Bars Special K Kellogg's Corn Flakes Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Kellogg's Rice Krispies Kellogg's Coco Pops WK Kellogg Kellogg's Salt Alternatives Rice Alternatives Desserts Condiments Lemon Lime Granola Crisp & Clusters Pork White Wholegrain Brown Wild Wholegrain, Brown & Wild White Pâté Semolina Pudding Rice & Semolina Pudding Pecan Butter Powder Blends Pastes Chopped Ingredients & Pastes Flavoured Mustard Milk Chocolates Dark Chocolates White Chocolates Assorted Chocolate Trays Assorted Individual Chocolates Assorted Chocolates Pickled Garlic British & American Treat Bars Mixers Turkey Gravy Chicken & Turkey Gravy Burger Sauce Crisps For Sharing Multipack Crisps Dining Al Fresco Nuts Rice Cakes Off The Eaten Path Snack a Jacks Sunbites Pipers The Snack Shop Sauerkraut Fruit Curd Tempeh Tempeh & Tofu Family Favourites Taste & Excitement Breakfast Bars Drinks Breakfast Bars & Drinks Healthier Choices Weetabix Alpen Ready Brek Weetabix On The Go Weetabix Food Cupboard Oils & Vinegars Pasta & Rice Pesto & Sauces Snacks Gifting Sweet Treats Antipasti, Sott'Oli & Olives Just Gourmet Foods Soup and Kids Gnocchi and Pulses Sauces, Pesto and Oil Fusilli & Spirals Penne Macaroni & Tubes Tagliatelle Gifting Jams, Marmalades & Spreads Chocolate Biscuits & Cakes Tea & Coffee Champagne Harrods Caster Sugar Brown Sugar Demerara Under 100 Calories Bars Crisps Fruit Meat Rice Cakes Meat Flavoured Tomato Vegetable Rice Rice Thai & East Asian Foodie Must Haves Biscuits & Cookies Noodle, Pasta, Vermicelli Breakfast Cereals Snacks & Namkeen Chocolates & Candies Ready To Cook & Eat Frozen Veggies & Snacks Spreads, Sauces, Ketchup Indian Sweets Pickles & Chutney Extracts & Flavouring Hampers & Gourmet Gifts